This morning I headed to Big Sur. I had no agenda aside from exploring a place I had never been before. I rolled up to Bixby Bridge about 7:00 AM and hopped off my bike to stretch. I left home at 5:00 AM to get there, riding roughly 110 miles.


I’d seen Bixby Bridge in photos before, and it looked a lot smaller in person. The cliffs along Highway 1 were amazing. If you’ve never ridden this portion of the highway, I’d highly recommend it. Long sweeping turns are easy to take at speed and there are spectacular views all around.

A friend had suggested a road for me to check out, so I looked it up on the map and headed there next. It was a dirt road that headed into the hills above the ocean. The scenery quickly turned from bare hills to dense forest.


As I made my way through the forest, I started gaining elevation – taking switchback after switchback, going up a hill. I had good traction in the soft soil. My TKC 80 on the front tracked well in the mud and the Metzeler Karoo 3 tire on the rear helped power through soft sections. The road was extremely rutted and washed out due in part to the big rain Northern California had experienced a few days prior. It was a good lesson in picking a line and committing to it.


I made my way back down to asphalt and continued south on Highway 1, stopping occasionally at vista points to take a peek down the cliff and see the powerful waves crashing against the rocks.


After 30 minutes, I arrived at McWay Cove. I decided this would be my last stop before heading home. I parked the bike and hiked down to get a closer look. The water was a deep blue and the waterfall was alive and well.


Dirt, asphalt and amazing scenery. 8 hours on the bike. This was a great day trip.


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  2. Big sur is an amazing place. I passed through many times and even camped out a few times. Always in a car. Wish I could go back on my GS. Looks like you made the best out of your day trip. Keep writing.


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