The Grand Canyon has always been on my list of places I wanted to go. Mid-November seemed like a great time to visit. It’s getting colder and there should be less crowds.


Off the main highway, the park entrance is about 50 miles away. Weather had been moving through all day and it was raining off and on. I parked my bike at the first turnout and walked to the edge of the canyon.

BMW R1200GS parked on the south rim as it begins to snow and rain

I was at a loss for words; this was one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen. It started snowing lightly as I was taking photos, so I scrambled to continue down the road.


As it got closer to sunset, I headed to Yavapai Point. The sky finally began to clear after hours of light snow and rain. The temperature dropped down into the 30s as I was shooting. I headed back to my hotel to get some rest and be ready for the sunrise.

I decided on Mather Point for the sunrise. I found a nice spot on the ledge away from the main lookout and set up my cameras. The sky was clear but there was dense fog that was blowing over the edge of the canyon. As the sun rose and the temperature raised, the fog slowly burned away.

It was a long ride home, over 800 miles. I wandered the less-traveled highways of the California desert and enjoyed as much of the diverse landscape as possible on this three-day trip.

A sandy road off Highway 177 in the California Desert

Motorcycles are great tools to explore with – you’re able to pack everything you need for a trip while also being forced to keep it simple. This trip was planned less than a week in advance. Not all adventures need excessive planning and details, just get on your bike and enjoy the journey.


Twisted Throttle DrySpec D38 Rigid Waterproof Dry Bag

SW Motech Upper Crash Bars

SW Motech Lower Crash Bars


  1. That sunrise time lapse was amazing. The churning clouds gave it such a great texture. It reminded me a little of when Megan and I visited the North Rim last year over Thanksgiving. The entire canyon was socked in with clouds up to the rim, like a giant lake of clouds. Some sort of abnormal temperature inversion. Such a cool place to visit, so many different perspectives.

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