Today was a day for exploring close to home and finding new routes I’ve never been on. Dense forests full of redwoods and winding roads are just minutes from where I live.


BMW HP2 Enduro

I packed my camera gear in a backpack and strapped my quadcopter to the back of my motorcycle. The Bay Area just had a storm of epic proportions, so the mountain roads were still very wet and covered in debris. First, I went to an area where there is a clearing between the trees. I thought this would be a good spot to fly the drone.

A shot from above.


BMW HP2 Enduro

I took some aerial shots and then brought it back down without crashing. It was a little windy, which made landing it on the shoulder of the road a challenge. On my ride up, I’d passed a road that looked promising, with a sign that cautioned, “road narrows”. I went back and checked it out.

A winding road through the forest.

BMW HP2 Enduro

The edge of the road ran along a deep ravine as it wound through massive redwood trees. My fuel light came on, so I headed back toward the local biker hangout (Alice’s Restaurant) and filled up at their gas station.


I took the long way home, packing as much winding road into my ride as possible.

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