I first met Chad at one of my weekly night rides in San Francisco. He had just traveled across the country from Connecticut to San Francisco on his GS for the summer. Since then, I’ve become friends with Chad and his brother Greg, who lives here in San Francisco and is also a GS rider. I asked Chad if he’d share some of his photos from his ride back to Connecticut. This is the first in a series of stories I’m calling “Rider Profile” – getting to know some of my fellow adventure riders by taking a glimpse into their world of riding.

RW: How long have you been riding?

CG: I have been riding since October of 2014.

R: What got you interested in adventure riding?

C: My brother had been riding BMWs for a few years, and did a trip with his friend from SF to Alaska on his R1150GS that looked downright incredible.

R: What does adventure riding mean to you?

C: Adventure riding means forgetting everything that may cause you stress – the daily grind at the office or school, and only “worrying” about where you will end up next. It’s a means of traveling that is far more engaging with the environment that surrounds you, and feels closest to flying without actually doing so.

R: Where did you go on your trip?

C: I headed straight to Nevada from SF to hit Soldier Meadows Road, which is by far the coolest dirt road I had been on. My plan was to travel through Nevada and into Oregon and Idaho, head north to Glacier National Park in Montana, and then start to head south into Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Given the time of year, it made sense to stay north.

R: Why did you take this route?

C: One of the other riders who regularly attends the Ride & Wander night rides had given me nearly turn-by-turn directions to go through Black Rock Desert in Nevada. I knew it was an experience that I wasn’t going to pass up, since you never get detailed directions like that from anything on the internet. Also, I had given myself enough time to enjoy the ride rather than blast through all of the states to get back to my home in Connecticut. I had not seen anything in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming, and I was excited to see as much of the United States as I could.

R: Besides loving motorcycles, what’s your main gig in life?

C: Honestly, I have a few “main gigs” so I can’t choose just one. Aviation has always been of massive interest, and going to airshows turns me into an excited kid. I’ve always wanted to be a pilot, but it’s always been so cost prohibitive. My other “main gigs” are most definitely competitive target shooting and mountain biking. As I try to make enough money to get back on a motorcycle of my own, I spend lots of time pedaling my mountain bike through New England forests. As far as the target shooting goes, set up a bunch of steel plates at a range and I’ll have an absolute blast knocking them down. Check out USPSA or IPSC competitions and see what I mean.

R: What ride are you looking forward to in the future?

C: I’m so looking forward to the day I can hop on my own bike and make the ride to Alaska. My brother wants to go again, so hopefully we can go together  in the near future. The other place that both of us would love to ride to would be Patagonia.

Photos by Chad Golembeski // Visit Chad’s YouTube Channel MotoCamp Adventure


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