While visiting Phoenix, Arizona over the holidays, I had the chance to get out and explore a little on my father-in-law’s KTM. The Superstition Mountains are about 30 minutes from where my wife’s parents live and can be accessed from two different areas.


I left about an hour before sunset on the first evening. I headed towards Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction. There’s a nice dirt road just past the state park that leads to some hiking trails. Unlike where I live in the Bay Area, dirt roads are much more common here in Arizona, and legal. It’s really exciting for me to have access to dirt so close. The Superstition Mountains are an amazing sight, especially at sunset. I took the opportunity to get some great shots of the large rock face and surrounding saguaro cacti.




The next day I decided to head a bit farther south on Highway 60 and ride up Peralta Road. This is another fairly well maintained dirt road that dead ends several miles in, where it leads to hiking trails. I got there about 40 minutes before sunset and as I made my way down the dirt road, a driver flagged me down. He let me know that a car had flipped on the road ahead and wanted to give me a heads up so it didn’t surprise me. He said all the occupants were fine. I decided to turn around and take it a little slower to get some photos. While stopped, I saw a large dust cloud coming towards me. All of the emergency vehicles were making their way up the road to go help the flipped car. I got some more nice photos of the large rock face and made my way back down the road to head home before it got too dark.

If you ever visit the Phoenix area, I highly recommend checking out the Superstition Mountains and the surrounding dirt roads, especially at sunset.


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