RIDE & WANDER: How long have you been riding motorcycles?

Kaycee Landsaw: I have been riding motorcycles for about 10-11 years now, I think. I got my first bike shortly after getting out of high school. My mom wouldn’t allow me to have a bike so I talked her into letting me get a scooter. Once I talked her into that I knew I won and I bought a bike instead, never getting a scooter. The rest is history.

RW: You recently moved to Costa Rica, what’s it like living and riding there?

KL: My wife and I find ourselves wishing for warmer pastures every time fall comes around here in Utah. I love fall but always end up having a hard time enjoying it because I get bummed that the snow is coming. Last year, we traded in our pines for palms and headed south to Costa Rica. To put it lightly, it was an amazing experience. Life in CR is just simple. We found ourselves needing so much less and rarely have anything to stress about. Motorcycles in Costa Rica are more of a life essential down there. I say that in a different way than I would about motorcycles in the states. Motorcycles are generally a means of transportation for most in CR because they are much less expensive than getting a car. Most of the bikes are under 200cc as well. However, Costa Rica offers up some of the best riding you will find in the world, regardless of what kind of riding you do. They have endless winding roads with the most epic scenery and freshly cut dirt trails for those that are a little more adventurous. I had the opportunity to rip up some of those freshly cut roads and it was by far the best riding I have ever had. Blasting through rivers, riding through palm fields and keeping the throttle pinned up some serious grade dirt trails is something I think everyone needs to experience in life.

RW: In your motorcycle photography, you often shoot off paved roads and in the dirt. What do you like about riding in the dirt?

KL: I think it was just a natural progression for me. It’s most likely a result of the other influences I have in life. I grew up skating and snowboarding and a big part of those is spent looking for things to hit that are off the beaten path. I think most of my younger years were probably spent in back alleyways, exploring abandoned buildings and just getting in trouble. I used to always joke, “if our mothers only knew the places we hung out.” So in a roundabout way, I like riding in the dirt because it isn’t always what’s expected. Possibly I got into it because I got bored of just riding and taking photos on plain roads. The thing that has been the best about the dirt is it has really made me grow to appreciate all kinds of riding.


RW: A lot of adventure riders make their way through Costa Rica, do you have any tips on good roads or destinations to check out while riding there?

KL: Honestly just riding through the country is going to be an epic experience for anyone. I really can’t imagine it being a bad riding experience. It would also depend on what kind of riding you want to do. Splitting lanes and riding through the madness in San Jose would be super rad. Riding up to the Poas Volcano through the winding roads would be an experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Having a supermoto and bombing the super steep switchback roads in Orotina would be crazy fun and a huge rush. Or if you are into dirt biking there is soooo much open terrain and jungle just behind the city of Jaco. If you are into touring heading down south towards Panama and cruising through the palm fields will give you one of the most freeing experiences you will ever have. If you have any questions or need specific tips or advice email me. I would love to help out. kaycee.landsaw@gmail.com

RW: Do you have a motorcycle trip that you hope to take someday, or already have planned for the future?

KL: I have so many trips I dream about taking every day. My wife and I have always talked about getting bikes and riding through the country roads of Scotland and Ireland. Hopefully one day we can make that a reality. Each year I have a few buddies that we plan a trip with around riding bikes. There has been talk of heading south to Peru and touring through the country. I am sure this summer will be chock full of weekend outings to places within driving distance from home as well. I can’t forget Motos in Moab this year too. I will be there raising hell with the best of them. Really I just always hope to be out riding and enjoying life, getting lost on roads I’ve yet to meet.

Follow Kaycee on Instagram or at his website: http://www.kayceelandsaw.com/ 

All photos courtesy of Kaycee Landsaw

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