DSC_0155I started RIDE & WANDER to document my travels and share stories about the interesting people I have met along the way. For the last seven years I’ve worked in music for film, television and new media. Before moving to the Bay Area to work for GoPro I worked in the music department at Lionsgate Entertainment working on shows like Mad Men, Weeds, Orange is the New Black, Nashville and several others.

I found my love for adventure riding while living in Los Angeles, looking for an escape from the daily LA hustle. I started riding more and more until I had built up a stockpile of photos and stories from my rides. After finding it difficult to find inspiring adventure motorcycle content and photos, I decided to create RIDE & WANDER to share with others where I had been and the people I have met.

Nick Johnson // Founder


  1. Just happen to be looking at the Rallye suit and your Review came to my attention. But after reading that I found myself reading ALL your page! Excellent web site and very entertaining readings, not boring a all. Ride on!


  2. Excellent site! I just found your site and really enjoy all the rides, stories, and motorcycle/equipment reviews……….Great job!! (Excellent pictures also)
    Bill Sebastian
    MOA #175341


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